Friday, February 4, 2011

Blogging break

So I've decided to take a blogging break. What? you say. You've been absent since the middle of December! Yes, I know. And I really wanted to get going again in the New Year, but life keeps getting in the way.

In truth, it's going to be more of an online break. I'm going to *try* to stop reading blogs altogether (get off Facebook for awhile, even cut down e-mail for the moment, too). Right now, I'm in something of a funk where every blog I read is making me feel inadequate in some way or other. I feel just *not good enough* in about every area of life. In addition, there are some things going on that require my attention, and I really want to get on top of these things and be more settled in my heart and mind before opening them back up to external influences (like blogs, but you know, other things as well).

Sorry for the whiney nature of this post. But hey, I think we've all been in one of these funks, yes? So I'm sure y'all understand. I hope to be back in the next month or two, this time with renewed energy and my positive spirit back up and running. I'm going to call it my "re-launch." Ha. Like I'm NASA or something. Anyway, until then, take care and see you soon!