About me

I feel like my life began when I turned 30.  For most of my twenties, I was in a loveless, spiritless marriage.  I spent so much effort trying to salvage that relationship, but I finally saw the futility of that effort and gave up, for good.  When I did that, the life that I was always meant to live began to unfold...

In August of 2007, I began communicating with Marty on eHarmony (yes, Internet dating -- it really works!).  We met about 4 weeks after our first exchange of messages, but even before we saw each other face-to-face, we had already confessed that we were madly in love.  The following July, with so much joy in our hearts, we were joined in marriage.  We are daily thankful to know the love of a cherished soulmate, and to have the confidence in true commitment.  God masterfully brought us together and His hand of blessing has been upon us in unmistakable and remarkable ways since. 

The very next July, just last summer, the Lord delivered safely into our hands our beautiful son, William.  After having been told in my mid-twenties that my chances of having a child were slim, Will is indeed a miracle.  He is our precious gift and he fills our lives with so much laughter and joy.

And God isn't done with the shower of blessings just yet...we are currently expecting our second child, a little girl (yay!), in August of this year. 

Sometimes, the swirl of events over the past 3 years is enough to take my breath away and make my head spin, but it's a whirlwind of blessing, and I am so grateful! 

"To God be the glory, great things He has done!"