Saturday, August 21, 2010

The resurrection of The List (August)

For those who used to follow me on my blog "A Peaceful Life," this List will be familiar. For those who are new here, this is just a list that I created to encapsulate some of the daily doings in our life. I've resurrected it to help me focus some of my thoughts, which, due to sleep deprivation, are pretty darn scattered!

What I'm reading: Believe it or not, I'm actually finding time to read. Of course, it's usually after midnight when everyone's asleep...I run a hot bath and relax for awhile. I look forward to it all day! Anyway, I'm reading The Virgin of Small Plains, the second book I've read by Nancy Pickard (first was The Scent of Rain and Lightning). She is one of my favorite new discoveries and I hope all her books deliver such great stories as I've found in these.

What we're watching: We are finally watching "Mad Men." We kept hearing about it and reading about it as buzz circulated gearing up for the fourth season, so we decided to get Netflix again and watch from the beginning. We have been fascinated watching life in the 60's, as portrayed in this show, although we joke that we're going to get lung cancer from all the smoking! The main character, Don Draper, is utterly compelling because he's so mysterious and complex. We would certainly recommend it, but FYI, there's a definite overtone of sexuality in the comments and dialogue, and sometimes in the action as well.

What we're spending on: We have been resisting for quite some time, but we're finally going to break down and buy a double stroller. It's simply necessary, considering the ages of our children. They are just SO much money, though, so we've been loath to spend it! I think we're going to get the Chicco Cortina "Together" stroller, as it's compatible with our infant car seat. Also, trying not to spend too much money on clothes for our ever-growing toddler-man! I can't believe how big he is...needing size 24 months/2T clothes as a 13-month-old. In my quest not to spend too much money, I scoured clearance racks at a local department store for about an hour and a half and scored a dozen items for less than $100. I was pretty happy with that!

What we're saving for: Moving expenses and first month's rent or a house down payment. More on that in a minute.

What I need to do: Start Lucy's photo book, keep going on her baby book, order her birth announcements, write her birth story. Pack up Will's 12- and 18-month clothes. Get Tennessee title for my car and do a good spit-and-shine clean on it. Pack for a couple weeks away from home (keeping to the tradition established with Will, the babies and I will be spending a couple weeks with Nana and Pa-Pa so I can get some rest/help; Marty will come up on weekends).

What I'm thinking about: Home. Even though we're Indiana-bound next weekend, it's not enough to erase this incredible feeling of homesickness I have. A visit will no longer suffice; I'm just plain tired of living here in Tennessee without a friend or a family member within hundreds of miles. I've really tried to make a go of it but I don't want to raise my kids here. Marty is liberally dropping his resume all over pertinent places in Indy and we are hoping and praying hard that he gets a job offer very, very soon.

Things I've learned this month: That I am actually capable of caring for both my children on my own. It's the hardest job I've ever had, bar none, but I can actually do it.

What I'm happy about: That Lucy is growing and thriving. That Will seems to be taking her presence in stride. That my baby weight is coming off quickly. That diet Coke is readily available. That Marty is just as addicted to Starbucks now as I've been for years.

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Katie B said...

I talked to Dustin for a while after church this morning (he says hi to you and Marty and is excited to see everybody if you can make it to church one Sunday while you're in town), and he suggested that Marty get in touch with Dame and Dollyne. I guess Dame works for a lawyer, and Dollyne has connections with the mayor or something. I told Dustin that I thought Marty was wary of going into private practice again, but I thought that a governmental connection might be helpful. I remember that Dollyne told me about a potential job a while ago that didn't work out, but it might be worth a shot to ask her again. Also, Marty might want to look at The Registry, Inc., which places people in the legal profession and which is how I got my job. Trust me, I'm just as desperate to get you guys up here!!!