Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Daybook

Outside: A quick rainshower this afternoon made everything smell so fresh and clean and a lovely breeze blew's supposed to get colder tonight but then back up into the 60's tomorrow. Glorious spring.
Thinking: About some organizing/decorating projects to finish up, then maybe -- just maybe -- I can consider us moved in and ready to bring home another baby in a few months.
Thankful: For good deals at Hobby Lobby. For Friday night wind-down evenings and the glorious knowledge of Saturday yet to come. For packages in the mail from Indiana.
From the kitchen: A pot of pasta e fagioli soup tonight, made from a soup mix but still homemade-tasting because it slow-cooked for 2 hours! I want to invent my own mix based on what this package contained: white beans, tiny shell pastas, and a packet of spices and seasonings. The recipe called for sauteed onions and garlic and a can of diced tomatoes, and I added some Italian sausage, and it was phenomenal! I must have been in the right mood because I also baked a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. OH BABY.
Creating: A cozier home. We bought a couple of prints this week from our friend downstairs who runs an interior design store in the retail shops of our building. Big prints that are sort of impressionistic and very reminiscent of street scenes in Paris. I just love getting new things now and then for us (it's been a long time since we bought anything that wasn't baby-related!) and cozying up our home even more.
Going: Nowhere. Another home-bound weekend and I love it.
Reading: A random murder mystery that I picked up (sadly, the quality of the writing is pretty random, too) but also the Real Simple 10th anniversary issue and this blog post (please take a minute to read it; sometimes it amazes me how other bloggers seem to be in my own head!):
Hoping: That I can find contentment and not be antsy through the last trimester of my pregnancy. I really want to enjoy this time as much as possible, knowing another huge change is coming our way, albeit a very good change.
Hearing: Tonight at dinner, when Marty prayed for the food and said "Thank you Lord for our children," something inside leaped a little bit. I carry the reminder of our blessings on my hip and in my belly all the time, but hearing it in a prayer is just music to me. The cherry on top? When Marty said "So I was reading in Matthew today..." My cup truly runs over.
A favorite thing: Melissa and Doug toys. Knowing I did a great job on a project. A fresh bouquet of ranunculus (I'll share a picture tomorrow; they are simply gorgeous). Being able to enjoy coffee again.


Katie B said...

You sound like you are doing so well! I am extremely thankful because I worry about you guys down there all by yourselves! It's hard to believe that you are a "multiple mama" just like Sar. Becky Conway, proud mother of two. :)

Becky said...

Tell me about it. That's why my heart leaps a bit and my stomach lurches (in a good way) -- I have a reaction of physical shock sometimes that I'm living a dream that I dreamed for so long, with absolutely NO HOPE of it coming true. Someone please just pinch me!!! :)

Kate said...

what a cozy glimpse into your cozy life - and I'm so happy that you've achieved that coziness that I know you strive for. With all the stuff going on to distract from it ("The Illness," for you; or should I just say "Life in General" for all of us?), it isn't easy. But it's so rewarding.