Friday, April 23, 2010


  • I just sprayed a glob of whipped cream on top of my coffee. Why? Because I can.
  • It's undeniable. My kid loves Barney. I used to HATE Barney during my babysitting years, when the girls I took care of would request their Barney videos over and over again. Now my kid loves him. I mean, LOVES him. Especially when he sings. I guess Barney is going to follow me through life, so I'd better just get used to him?
  • I can't stand the folks who live above us (we live in a 3-story building of loft apartments and retail spaces converted from an old furniture warehouse). That sounds very unkind, but seriously, they vacuum their hardwood floors. It makes a horrific sound (not to mention I can just feel the damage they are doing to the original wood floors!). In addition, they like to run up and down their hallways at all manner of hours, many times after midnight. HELLO, I have a sleeping baby down here! Go to bed, people!
  • I need some good book recommendations. I want a book that will blow my socks off! I've read far too many mediocre books of late. Can anyone help me with this?
  • I just KNEW the Project Runway judges would pick Seth Aaron to win. This happens to me every of my favorites will inevitably make it to Bryant Park/Fashion Week (in this case, Emilio) but my favorite NEVER wins. It's starting to get old and the judges are starting to be far too predictable; they will always go with the most outrageous collection. Emilio's was by far the most commercial, and I understand his viewpoint of designing his collection to actually sell the clothes, not just show his artistry. But if we're talking artistry, he should have won based on this gown alone! The way it moved with the model -- just breathtaking! At least I have hope for Emilio's career -- another favorite of mine, Carol Hannah from last season, just launched her line of wedding dresses, and they are gorgeous. I hope she makes a mint!
  • Is there anything better than sitting down for a snack with a bag of pretzel rods and a jar of Nutella? (Can you tell I'm pregnant?)
  • Is everyone else just as tired of seeing Kate Gosselin everywhere but with her kids? And is everyone else just as tired of being given minute details of Tiger Woods' life as if it were news? And is everyone else on royal watch with me? All these rumors of Prince William getting engaged are really getting me excited for the possibility of a ROYAL WEDDING!!! (Who else had Princess Diana paper dolls when they were kids? My sister Katie and I played with ours until the edges of the paper frayed...)
  • Lucy's monogrammed newborn sleeping gown came in a couple days ago and her Shabby Chic bedding came in today. I'm so excited. Is it August yet?

Those are all my random thoughts for now. What are you thinking about today?


Kate said...

Books that have knocked my socks off: The Double Bind, The Life of Pi, Moloka'i. The first two because I didn't see "it" coming, the last one because it's just an incredible story. Try one! They'll go great with the Nutella.

Katie B said...

What am I thinking about? Let's see. I'm contemplating not doing my final paper because I just found out that, even if I don't turn it in, not only will I still pass the class, I'll get a C+. Not bad, right? At this point, I'm almost okay with that. Almost.

Becky said...

Gosh, Worm, I'd almost be okay with that. As your sister, I AM okay with that. :)