Friday, March 12, 2010

My palms are sweaty, I'm so excited

...not just to write my first post on this blog, but to celebrate the coming arrival of my long-dreamed-for little girl! Don't get me wrong, I'm gobsmacked-crazy about my son, and never expected to enjoy a little boy so much. He is heaven-sent and I adore him to bits and pieces. But since I was a young thing in pigtails, I've always dreamed of having a little girl to love (and yes, play with!!!).

I've looked at so much crib bedding, my eyes hurt. And I have rejected 99% of it out of hand. I'm sorry, I'm just not into bright raspberry and lime colors and themey-theme nurseries for little girls (but for some reason, I love fun themes for little boys, explain that one!). I've had in mind what I wanted, something shabby-chic-ish, a la Rachel Ashwell. So, duh, I finally googled Rachel Ashwell baby bedding and found IT, the ONE. Here she is!I just love the classic look and the soft colors and feminine prints. I want to paint the walls in the future nursery (after we move out of the loft) a pale, pale pink, and I want to continue buying Shabby Chic bedding as my daughter grows, until such time as she's old enough to declare her interest in zebra prints or something (God forbid).

Oh, I'm so excited, I have to wipe my palms on my pajama pants now!!!

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