Friday, March 26, 2010

Big money, big money!

Yeah, that's right, I'm quoting Wheel of Fortune. And yes, you'd be correct in assuming that there are nights on which the "Wheel and Jeopardy" hour are viewed in my household. No, we are not senior citizens. But yes, I also knit and drive slowly (when my child is in the car with me).

Anyway -- on the subject of big money, I'm actually going to talk about little bits of money that you can save. If you've never visited the Mommy $aves Big Printable Coupons site, let me please point you in that direction! The site offers an array of coupons for major department stores and some smaller stores, and even some major name brands (sometimes I can get a $5 off coupon on Enfamil cans of formula!). Right now there's a couple of great coupons for Macy's, SteinMart, and Barnes & Noble. Speaking of B&N, let me also encourage y'all, if you're big book readers like me and Marty, to get the B&N membership card. It's a one-time cost of $25 and it pays for itself almost immediately, and then you start reaping in all kinds of savings. I even get a couple dollars off lattes in the coffee shop! This especially comes in handy around Christmas-time, when I seem to be haunting the aisles of B&N for nearly every person on my list.

And I can't forget to mention one of my favorite sites for saving money: They offer mostly online coupon codes, but I love to do some of my shopping online (Bath and Body Works and are probably my two faves).

The greatest thing about these sites is that you can easily find a coupon, print it off (or copy the code), and save some money. None of that buying a newspaper just to clip coupons just to save money on Cocoa Puffs that you'll never eat. I hate clipping coupons, but my mom does it religiously and saves boatloads of dollars, so I'm envious of anyone who has that kind of patience.

Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info, Wormie! Every time I go through the self-checkout lane at the grocery store and have to select the "No Coupons" button I feel that, somehow, somewhere, Mom knows I don't have any coupons to use and is ashamed of me. We have tried clipping coupons, but for us, we usually spend more to buy the paper than we save at the store. I will definitely check out these sites. -Katie

Kristen said...

I secretly desire to be one of those women that Dateline focuses on who is able to actually walk out with free. Seriously. I watched this episode like a year ago where this woman had over $200 in groceries in her cart and paid NOTHING! That takes some serious dedication. Wouldn't it be cool if that was your talent, though?