Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The windows are wide open...

...and I'm simply drunk on fresh spring air. Right now we have a CD playing the gentle pan flute sounds of "Sedona Spa" (one of those random Target purchases, next to the greeting cards!) and even though the sun finally set an hour or so ago, it's still warm enough in our loft to have the 7-foot French-door "windows" open wide and the array of ceiling fans a-whirling. Ahhh. Spring is definitely on her way in, if not here to stay.

Wanted to post some pictures from yesterday. We visited a new pediatrician, Dr. Estes, who I really, really like. We told her about our problems with the last office, namely the attending physician in charge of Dr. Terry (who we just loved!). The attending physician and I did not see eye-to-eye (that's putting it mildly) on the issue of vaccinations. I'm so very hesitant to over-vaccinate, especially considering that my nephew has autism. After Ethan's diagnosis, my sister became extremely careful with vaccinations and I think it's absolutely reasonable that I follow suit. There is still a debate raging (mainly parents versus physicians) as to whether autism and vaccinations are linked, but until they can prove what actually does cause autism (and nobody knows for sure), then by golly, I'm going to be careful about one of the prime suspects!

Anyway, Dr. Estes listened to all my concerns and expressed that she totally understands my position as a parent (she has 3 children, one of them with Down's Syndrome) and wants to help us make decisions we're all comfortable with. She did recommend that I read Dr. Sears' The Vaccination Book, which she says is basically informative (not opinionated) so that I know which vaccinations I really am okay with and which ones I simply want to forego. I was almost blown away by that -- actual partnering with a doctor. This is what it's supposed to be like! So that is a huge relief for me and Marty. We just were so on edge about our recent experiences with pediatricians and Dr. Estes was such a breath of fresh air.

And in closing, here are pictures of my growing boy!

This was taken on Monday at my OB/GYN's office while we waited on Dr. Pickler. Look at how LONG he is!

This was taken yesterday while we waited on Dr. Estes. Notice the torn paper on the exam table. We had to stick his paci in his mouth to avoid paper-eating.

And here I am with Puppy. Notice that I let him play with a (closed!) Tylenol bottle. My bestie scolds me for this practice. Also notice that apparently I'm 20 weeks pregnant in my FACE, too. Sigh.


Kate said...

Jack has that same onesie and jacket...what good taste we have.
And those exam table paper rolls? Yeah. We go through like half a roll of it when we're in there. Why they don't just spray down the table in between kids and skip that, I just don't know, but whatever. We'll just keep shredding it.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, he looks older with that snazzy new haircut. I miss his wild locks! -Katie

Dawn Williams said...

haha, I've handed out the (child-proof!) bottle of baby tylenol as a 'toy' too! It is something to keep them busy and chew on. Supervised of course! =)
Did you notice all three of you are sporting the same hair-do at the doctor's? =)