Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nursery furniture

So I've been logging ridiculous numbers of hours on the Internet (mostly post-midnight when my menfolk are asleep) looking for little-girl nursery furniture that won't cost me my firstborn. And I'm here to say that it's HARD!

I've always wanted a white crib for a baby girl, and I want it to be feminine (since we'll probably hang on to Will's crib in case we're joined by another little man -- ahem, YEARS from now). And of course, one that doesn't cost a jillion dollars (hello Pottery Barn, you're pretty and all, but could you get real? The economy isn't doing so swell). AND, in the aftermath of the crib recall scare of 2009, I will only look at non-drop-side cribs. So, I finally found one that met all the above criteria:Isn't she a beaut? Just imagining this crib with the Shabby Chic bedding gives me little goosebumps of anticipation.

Next up was an armoire. Will's nursery set came with one, and I removed a shelf and hung a tension rod in it to have all his sweet little clothes hanging at the ready (instead of using a closet, because we're pretty short on those in the loft). So I had my heart set on getting one for our daughter. And oh my gosh, just google "nursery armoires" and see if you don't have a stroke looking at the prices. I saw a lovely white one with some scrolled woodwork that cost, I'm not kidding, $1700. WHAT??? So I got a bit clever and just googled "armoires" and found some at JCPenney meant for bathroom storage that are only $160! I guess if you have an armoire and label it for nursery use, this means you can make a big fat profit? But if it's just for towels, you're forced to sell it for a reasonable price? How silly. In any case, I found this one that will be just perfect:

Nope, the nursery isn't going to be all matchy-matchy, but then, I think that's frowned upon when adhering to true "shabby chic" style. :) Who cares, I love it! Marty has given his official nod of approval, so we're going to order it the next week we have room in the budget. Have I mentioned how excited I am???


Becky said...
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Anonymous said...

Love them! I always ALWAYS wanted a round crib for my kids and could not believe how crazy expensive they were! I'm so glad you were able to find what you were looking for!

emily ann. said...

We totally have that crib in dark cherry wood! :) YAY! P to the S - girls ROCK! :) I'm so excited for you1!!